Our District

May ISD Mission Statement

We base this vision on the high standards the district presently enjoys. We developed these standards through the campus improvement committees and achieved them largely with the hard work and contributions of an excellent staff. The Vision/Mission Statement builds on goals and objectives developed by the campus improvement committees and implemented by the staff. The May ISD Board of Trustees and Administration developed the following Vision to ensure the school district continues to educate its students with this same excellence and to reach even higher:

  • To provide the proper setting, materials, personnel, and leadership for all students of May ISD in order that they have the incentive and the opportunity to become the leaders and success of the future in our high-tech society.
  • To provide a safe school environment for all students.
  • To educate our children and better enable them to graduate with merits, possess teamwork skills, and goals to succeed and compete in the workforce and post-secondary education.
  • To be in tune with the communities wants.
  • To assure that all students acquire knowledge of citizenship, economic and personal responsibility, and appreciation of our American heritage.

The goals and objectives developed to obtain this vision are challenging. To reach them requires total commitment from you. We are excited! We believe you will be too.

Access to Information

As a parent and community member here in May, Texas, you have the right to access many public documents about our school. This includes school and district report cards, No Child Left Behind (NCLB) status, taxation information, financial and budget information, and more. We believe that transparency builds trust, and to make it easy for you, we’ve included these documents for you at the side of this page. If you ever have any questions about the reports you read or even the ways our district is allocating money, please don’t hesitate to contact us.