Counselor's Corner

Counselor: Kay Ribble

Phone: (254) 259 - 2091 Ext. 1221

College Visits

  • Students are allowed 2 college visits per year.
  • Students need to bring back a form from the college visited to have that day counted EC (extracurricular) and not as an absence.


Before you take the TSI for the first time, you will need to go to the following link and take the required pre-assessment activity  at


On this link, you will also find general testing information, passing TSI scores, and sample questions if you’d like to study for the test before you take it!  ***When selecting the campus where you plan to test, please select Unknown/Not Listed***


TSI Basic Information:

  • TSI consists of three tests: reading, math, and writing.
  • Once you pass each test, you will be “college ready” in that area and won’t have to take it again. 
  • You can take each test until you pass it. 
  • You will not be able to use a calculator during the test. There is a calculator embedded within the TSI. 
  • You will only have to take the pre-assessment activity once. 
  • Each test at May ISD is $5.00. Please schedule all TSI tests with Mrs. Steele.

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